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          1. 2020 GDP target needed despite stacked downwa|rd pressure amid pandemic 2020-08-18
          2. Sri Lanka aims to, increase investments from| k;ey markets including China 2020-08-11
          3. Constit|utional revision "important task" for NPC annua。l session: spokespers|on 2020-08-31
          4. China :stages naval: drills in Southeast Asian waters 2020-08-29
          5. Long queue|s for Huaweis new h。andsets reflect companys strength,, potential 2020-08-27
          6. Baidu seeks secondary lis|ting i,n HK: re|port 2020-08-25
          7. Gao wins Olympic q|ua|li|fier 2020-08-14
          8. White Paper expounds on food secur|ity, globa:l supply 2020-08-13
          9. Decoupling" of China, US disastrous for。 world economy: Chinese ambassador China’s central bank vows“ to promote fiat digital currency R&D Xi: China, Africa embark on distinctive path of win-win cooperation G|lobal Times - Karvajal Designs ZX-1 Global Times 2020-08-1
          10. Dome。stic auto demand rem:ains strong despite sales decline - Globaltimes 2020-08-21
          11. Thousands fle,eing Nepalese capital as situation remains uncertain aft“e;r devastating quake 2019-3-13
          12. Xi’s “,Myanmar visit will boost Paukphaw tie。s 2018-9-23
          13. Sharec;ropping - Global“|Times 2017-3-22
          14. Ssangyo|ng Motor returns to |China - GlobalTimes 2019-4-23
          15. Tariffs to wipe out US~ pr|ofits 2018-2-28
          16. US Navy evacuates coro|navirus-stricke。n aircraft carrier Roosevelt 2019-7-21
          17. Global; Tim|es - Rich brats test limits of tolerance 2018-2-10
          18. China weighing |further b;irth policy cha|nges: Premier 2016-1-14

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